martes, 3 de marzo de 2015

What is a Omelette

To be honest a omelette could be a one of the most older repices around the world. The question is what was first, eggs or omelettes? Ok, the answer is eggs but  the omelette didn't appear much later, because everybody accidentally break some eggs, and with this you have almost a omelette.

Really a omelette is a few eggs beaten, with a pinch of salt and olive oil to avoid the pan burn the omelette. However the omelettes magic is in the variety, because this have a lot of combination, you can add spinach, ham, or whatever you think could be a incredible idea with a tasty flavour.

Another point of this recipe is the fast way to do it. You likely will need only ten minutes to start to eat a delicius omelette. And at last point is the better or the most known for sportman / sportwoman, because this repice doesn't have fats.

As you see we have all good points to this recipe, if you want to know how to do this you can follow this website recipe of omelette.

miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

What is a paella?

A paella is a way to cook rice, in their origin, to the rice only have some vegetable and chicken, but a piece of their success is the big variety that you can find and combine. Of course you can add shrimp, rabbits, or almost every thing that you imagine.
A paella have special way to put the rice into a paellera. Yes, it is the name of the pan where we make the paella. It have a rounded shape with two handgrip, but it is not so deep. You must put the rice across the paellera in a line without put the rice around all the surface. But before you must cook other ingredientes in the water inside the paellera to give the special flavour. The paella have a medium-high difficulty but if you can do it, the flavour will be awesome. Paella have a lot of nutritive propierties and usually don't have so much fats.

domingo, 15 de febrero de 2015

Spanish Soap

In Spain, soaps are very important, usually the tourist thinks that in Spain cold temperature doesn't exits, but yes it does in some places. But obiusly we have a lot of hotter places, for that here we have a lot of types of soap. For example, a cold soap wich is called Gazpacho, is a soap maded with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and bread, obiusly this have a high capacity of combinations, depends the home where you ask for it. But the normal soap, this soap which you want to eat in winter, is completely different. This soup have a mixture maded by beef, pork fats, chicken, a piece of ham, "chorizo" and "morzilla" (these two are a kind of sausage with spices) and onions. Once you have all of this ingredients you put it in a pressure cooker with 3/4 of water about 30 o 40 minutes in the fire. Once you have all the ingredients cooked, you can remove the ingredients in a plate and put the soap in  a bowl, at first one  you drink the soap meanwhile is hot and later you must chop the other ingredientes in your plate and eat it with bread.
If you want more detalied this recipe write me on comments and i will put it. I must say, this recipe is perfect after a good party, it cure all hangover, stomachache and headche! see you soon

miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015


First of all, I want to apologize for my English, I am working in it. I this blog I want to show amazing recipes from my country (Spain) and we used in the normal life like spanish omelette, a boiled mixture, or chicken in sticks… You are going to see easy recipes that everybody can do in home and have a healthy diet without lose flavor.
For have a situation of the mores in Spain, I'm going to tell you the size of each food through day. Here we don't eat so much in the breakfast, it usually is a few slice of toast and a coffee. The slice of toast can have butter or chopped tomatoes. To be honest I prefer the second choice, because you can add to the slice of toast a pinch of salt or Spanish ham that make the breakfast an incredible delicious dish.
We don’t eat anymore until lunch; this is the stronger food of the day. Here we can do cooked lentils, beef steak, or salmon with potatoes among other dishes, and in dessert could be a piece of fruit or a yogurt, obviously, after these if we don’t want stays sleepy, 30 minutes after eat the dessert we usually drink a black coffee. I need to say in Spain all people hate the coffee powder, and in almost all places the cup of coffee have a medium-high quality.
In the afternoon, when 3 hours have passed since lunch, we have a new action with the food; it is called “merienda”. It can be a sandwich with all kind of sausages. But it is not an important meal of the day, it can be avoid without problem.
In Spain, people eat heavy dinners, that can be composed by a omlette, or soup, with a salad, and after all a piece of froit or a yogurt. When you eat a lot before got to bed, it can produce nightmare, but here is only a normal dinner and our stomach are strong, someone could eat the nightmare too, but this is another story .I forgot to say that all meals in Spain are accompanied by bread.

Until here, the introduction in a few day I will speak about some recipes and his properties.